Nail Art // Rosey Steampunk Stamping with MoYou London

by - Wednesday, October 19, 2016

* Contains Press Samples

Hello hello! Today we have the follow-up to yesterday's MoYou London Steampunk Collection Starter Kit Review!

I decided to put together a multicoloured stamping look to show off one of the ways you can use the products in the kit, though I will say I used my clear stamper rather than the squishy rectangle one that came in the kit. Have I mentioned recently what a godsend those clear stampers are? How did we ever do nail art with them in the past?! Man!

Anyway, getting back on topic... Let's get to the art!

To put this look together I used images from MoYou London Steampunk Collection Plate 02. I used a cleaned-up version of the heart in the fourth row from the left, and the cogs/bolts from the middle of the fifth row.

I wanted to use MoYou London polishes as much as I could, but since I still don't have a white MoYou London polish it meant using Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the white base, and Mundo de Unas White for my white stamping. The rosey pink is MoYou London Maroon from the Steampunk Starter Kit, and the grey is MoYou London Falcon.

To get the double-coloured stamping I painted solid stripes of each of the colours I wanted on the plate, scraped in the same direction, then stamped on like normal. For the heart I picked up the image with the stamper and then used a cuticle pusher to remove from the stamper the parts of the image I wanted to get rid of before stamping on the heart.

This type of design bit more advanced than normal stamping but it's really not difficult once you practice. :) Just make sure you move fast!

Man, I love that heart... And okay, maybe this look is more of a Valentine's Day look than a Halloween look, but I don't care. Cute nails are in season all the time. ;)

You can pick up this kit and lots of other MoYou London products at Trade Secrets if you're in Canada - and be sure to check out their website as they have free shipping! (Woohoo!)

Let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting! xx

You can visit Trade Secrets in store or online for a variety of beauty and nail products available in Canada! You can also visit them on facebooktwitter and instagram

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  1. This is a really cool look! The color scheme is unexpected, but I love it!

  2. These reminded me of a holiday sweater. O love the colors from Moyou.

  3. This is such a cool stamping plate!

  4. I love that this looks like a cheesy holiday sweater!!! I would wear the shit out of this!

  5. I need some of the plates from this series!

  6. Duuuuuuuuuuuude this is amazing! The way you combined the design and the colours, so cool!

  7. I love those colours together! At first glance I must admit I thought it was a winter sweater!

  8. Fantastic plate!! I love it regardless of the season.


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