ProcrastiNails: Julep Maven September 2014 Selections are Open – The Art Walk Collection!

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As pictured on Julep

The window opened for Julep Maven selections a couple of hours ago, so I’ve pulled together a look at all the boxes and some of the add-ons so you can see what’s available for September! I think this is actually one of the most cohesive themes that Julep’s put together in a while. If you’re of the age where you’re going back to school in September (whether that’s high school or university) these seem like they would be fun colours to take with you. 🙂

Let’s get into it!

Plush Pout Lip Crayons

As pictured on Julep

The new beauty item this month is a lip crayon that comes in four different colours. Julep says this product is “Full-coverage color with a moisturizing treatment core in the middle. This creamy, long-lasting crayon delivers the smoothing, softening goodness of antioxidant-rich oils, healing sunflower wax, and soothing vitamin E.” Seem like something you would want to pick up? 🙂 They’re $12.99 each if you include them as an add-on this month, but otherwise they’re going to be $20 full price.

Now the boxes!

Girl on the Go Box (Monthly Exclusive)
As pictured on Julep
  • Freedom Top Coat: A protective high-gloss finish that dries in five minutes flat
  • Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo: A blast of this keeps hair fresh between washes. 100% invisible with no icky residue.
  • Elixir Organic Argan Oil: A powerhouse organic moisturizer with tons of uses for face, hair, and body
  • Mystery Polish: A chic surprise for your fingers and toes (EDIT: Word on the street the polish in this box is Kendra. I can’t confirm that though.)
September Core Classics Box
As pictured on Julep
  • Plié Wand & Extra Cap: A nail polishing tool that makes manis easier, faster & better. Snaps onto any nail polishing tool
  • Plié Precision Brush – 5 pc: Shorter-stemmed brushes let you polish closer to the nail for even more control
  • Creativity Kit: A dotting tool and striping brush make it easy to experiment with nail art
September Modern Beauty Box
As pictured on Julep
  • Blank Canvas Plumping Lip Primer: A plumping, smoothing primer that preps lips for long-lasting color
  • Plush Pout Lip Crayon (Aurora Pink): Rich, full-coverage color with a moisturizing treatment core
September Boho Glam Box
As pictured on Julep
  • Erin (Boho Glam): Oyster grey crème
  • Mary Lee (Boho Glam): Oxblood satin
  • Plush Pout Lip Crayon (Almond Nude): Rich, full-coverage color with a moisturizing treatment core
September Bombshell Box
As pictured on Julep
  • Kirby (Bombshell): Silver jagged glitter top coat
  • Eliana (Bombshell): Soft denim crème
  • Plush Pout Lip Crayon (Magenta Plum): Rich, full-coverage color with a moisturizing treatment core
September Classic with a Twist Box
As pictured on Julep
  • Lupita (Classic with a Twist): Ripe rhubarb crème
  • Quinn (Classic with a Twist): Charcoal purple satin
  • Plush Pout Lip Crayon (Cardinal Red): Rich, full-coverage color with a moisturizing treatment core
September It Girl Box
As pictured on Julep
  • Fifi (It Girl): Tea time pink crème
  • Mahima (It Girl): Amber gold chrome
  • Ryan (It Girl): Overcast teal satin

Note: these are just a few of the add-ons that are available. Please log into your account to see the full list of products and prices! 

Ana – $6.99
As pictured on Julep
  •  Ana (Bombshell): White jagged glitter top coat

Gallery Girl Mini Trio – $7.99
As pictured on Julep
  • Jane (Bombshell): Full-coverage rose gold multidimensional glitter
  • Nellie (It Girl): Pink fuchsia crème
  • Candace (It Girl): Golden chocolate microglitter
Mixed Media Mini Trio – $7.99
As pictured on Julep
  • Shenae (It Girl): Pastel mint opalescent shimmer
  • Madison (Classic with a Twist): Tropical coral crème
  • Paris (It Girl): Multidimensional holographic glitter top coat

You can see more information and swatches of all these products on the official Julep blog, as well as the full list of available products to swap in.

About the Julep Maven Program: The Julep Maven program costs $24.99 a month and is fully customizable, or you can pre-pay for 3 months and receive each box for $19.99. You can also upgrade to the Maven Luxe program for $39.99 a month ($34.99/mo if you pre-pay for 3 months) which entitles you to a fully customizable box plus one additional product per month.

As of right now it seems like the  Boho Glam box and the Mixed Media Mini Trio are the most popular, as  both are sold out as add-ons (though the box is still available as a main selection). They will likely add more stock but if you want the BG box grab it now just in case! I’m wondering if after the snafu from last month they’ll put a really really good bonus gift in the boxes this month.

I’ve actually decided to skip this month since none of these colours seem like ones that I need to own. That might change before the 24th, but if not you can look forward to reviews of some other Julep products next month in place of the box review.

The selection window is open from now until the 24th at midnight, so if you want to get in to select, change or skip your box remember to do it soon!

Let me know what you think of the products this month! Thanks for visiting!