ProcrastiNails: 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art: Icy Blue Watermarble

How busy can I make a watermarble to hide the bubbles? Hella! Haha.

I’m slowly catching up on my 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge fills, and today I’m bringing you the art that was originally supposed to be done and up for December 9th – Ice Blue and White Colours. I decided to do a watermarble over my natural nails so there could be some peek-a-boo sections and as I mentioned above I decided to fill any irritating water bubbles that showed up (and there were a fair bit – oops!) with glitter and snowflakes. πŸ™‚

Let’s take a better look!

To do my watermarble I tried using the decal method which was WAY easier for me than the dipping version. Basically you create your pattern in the water and then let it dry for 20 mins, pull the whole thing out, cut you pieces and apply like decals. The only issue I had was (as mentioned) when I applied them there were a TON of bubbles. :/ Not a problem I’ve had before with decals, so I’m thinking maybe I didn’t dry it enough before applying. Oh well, that’s what glitter is for. πŸ™‚

The base used CiatΓ© Boom Box, Essie Blanc and Julep Something Blue and then I added glitter in the form of OPI Lights of Emerald City and China Glaze Make a Spectacle. I then finished it off with some snowflake decals because go big or go home! Haha.

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Did I have an overall plan for this look aside from throwing blue, white and glitter at it? Not really. But sometimes that’s okay. πŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚