ProcrastiNails: My First Successful Attempt at One Stroke Flowers!

One stroke flowers are one of the techniques I’ve been putting off for a long time… For me it’s a lot like watermarbling: something that looks gorgeous, something that people say is sooo easy, but then when I sit down to do it it turns out looking terrible.

This most recent attempt came about because I was asking around in one of my nail art groups for flower ideas. The lovely PiggyLuv linked to one of her one stroke designs and I told her there was NO WAY I would be able to do it since I had a love-hate relationship with one stroke designs. She linked me to one of her tutorials and I gave it a try and what do you know – patience (and a good teacher!) and I did a pretty decent job!

Let’s take a better look!

I think one of the problems I had the last time I tried doing one stroke designs is that I tried to use nail polish instead of acrylic paint. If you don’t have acrylic paint for nail art do yourself a favour and go out and get some! It makes building up designs so much easier because when it dries it goes matte with a bit of a coarse texture which allows subsequent layers of paint (or polish) to go on more opaquely. I used Julep Waleska as my base and then did my designs with yellow and white acrylics. Top coat and a few micro beads finished it off.

Once I got my rhythm going with this design I’ll admit it was a lot easier than expected (or remembered!). It’s definitely one I’m going to be trying again in different designs and combos.

Have you given this technique a try? Were you successful or did you initially give up (like me)? I’d love to see your own one stroke looks if you’ve tried, so feel free to leave me a link in the comments so I can check them out!

Thanks for visiting!!