ProcrastiNails: Unboxing + Swatch // Julep It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousses from the December 2015 Maven Box

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Today we have a kind of a combination of post… It’s both my review of the December 2015 Julep Maven Box and also a review of Julep’s new Matte Lip Mousses! I chose to upgrade my box in December to get all 8 shades so there isn’t anything else to look at in this box aside from the candy. But when I say “there isn’t anything else” I also mean “there doesn’t need to be anything else” as I am in love with each and every shade as well as the application of Julep’s Matte Lip Mousse!

Let’s start with a quick look at the box itself, and then we’ll move on to the review.

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Each product came in it’s own cute packaging, with At Midnight getting a special holiday case as it was released as a Holiday Limited Edition shade. 

So much lipstick goodness! Julep describes their It’s Whipped line as “hydrating, liquid-to-matte mousse that glides on mess-free, grips for all day vibrancy, and has a weightless finish.” For $22 US ($16 US Maven) you get 0.15 oz (4.4 g).

Let’s jump right into the swatches so you can really see what I have to play with! 

  • Kiss Me – Cherry Liqueur  
  • At Midnight – Fireball Red 
  • Smooch – Brick Red
  • Beso – Spicy Orange 
  • Pucker Up – Violet Verve
  • XOXO – Femme Fuchsia
  • Bisou – Modern Mauve
  • Ooh La La –  Sepia Taupe

Awesome combo of colours, though I hope they come out with some more interesting shades in future releases… Maybe a pastel violet? A blackened purple? Okay I really just want more purple shades lol. I really think Julep’s landed on a winning recipe and I hope they push out more interesting and inventive shades moving forward!

And just so you know, the shades do build up the more you apply – Kiss Me, At Midnight and Smooch all have two coats applied above, the rest are all just one coat.

So let’s talk about wear.

I’ve worn each of these shades at least once and I found they all wore about the same. If you don’t mind the vibrancy fading a bit you can definitely get a full day of colour out of them (including drinking – eating you’ll have to touch up more often) with just one mid-day touch-up.

Depending on what I was doing in a given day I did find the shades might have feathered a bit by the time I went to re-apply, but not enough to notice if you aren’t looking for it.

They also dried almost entirely matte and I they weren’t as drying as some other matte’s I’ve used. The consistency when you apply really does feel like mousse, though it dries fairly quickly.

Oh! And I forgot to take a picture, but the applicator for these lip mousses is a doe-foot wand. I find it gives me enough manoeuvrability when applying while making sure I also get the coverage I need. 🙂

And here’s a look at swatches of all 8 of the shades so you can pick your fav!

I adore each and every one of these colours, but I have to say the ones I get the most wear out of are Bisou and Kiss Me. I feel like I’ll start pulling Pucker Up and XOXO out more once the spring hits.

I’m sure Julep will put out new shades in the next couple of months, but for now this is what you have to choose from. All of these are swatched on my fairly light skin and I hope they help you figure out what would look best on you, too!