ProcrastiNails: My July #HePicksMyPolish Mani – Dotted Gradient Tips!

I’ve joined a new challenge this month! It’s the #HePicksMyPolish Challenge where you have a guy in your life pick out 1-3 polishes for you to use in a nail design. The “he” in this challenge can be any guy you can think of – partner, parent, sibling, friend, random at the store, etc. I teamed up with my dad for this one, and I think what I ended up with is pretty good! Considering he could have chose any of my polishes I think I got off easy. 🙂

Let’s take a better look!

The shades he chose for me were Julep Grace (a nude gloss), Julep Evelyn (a deep magenta purple crème) and Manhattan Bonnie Strange 006 (a deep plum with a shock of gold shimmer throughout). So one polish that’s barely there and two from similar families of colour. I decided to echo a look I saw done by Lisa over at The Polish Playground, and I think it was a really great way to incorporate these polishes. 🙂

What made this challenge complicated was the fact that my dad and I don’t live in the same city. (We barely even live in the same province!) So what he did was go through my Collection page and select colours from there either by name or swatch.

Are we going to participate again next month? Most definitely! This was super fun, and I think it’s a nice way to be challenged.

Take a look at the other #HePicksMyPolish fills below!

Thanks for visiting!! xx