Sally Hansen Mint Sprint Swatches and Hex Glitter Mani

by - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I saw that emerald was the Pantone Colour of the Year I got SUPER EXCITED because it means I'll have lots of chances this season to pull out one of my favourite polishes.... Sally Hansen's Mint Sprint! I did some swatches so you could share my love of this colour, and then tested out my first design with those wonderful hex glitters I got the other day. :)


Also, the sun has come back! So my pictures are once again fully lit! Yaaaay!

With the hex glitter
It was a toss-up between using the black or gold glitters or these sheer turquoise glitters, and in the end I went with these for a more subtle, mermaid-y look. I like it! I just did the full honeycomb design on an accent nail, and then put a single glitter on my other nails to tie them in. You can really see how different the colour of the glitter it looks in the container versus on the nail with the base colour coming through!

To place the glitter I put down a layer of clear topcoat, and then put a daub of topcoat on a dotting tool and gently placed the hex glitter down one at a time. In these pics I ended off with a single layer of topcoat to seal the glitter in on top, but when I took these pics it was still a bit rough. Before going out I put another two layers of topcoat on and that smoothed it all out.

Here's the tools I used:
(L to R)
- Dotting tool to place the glitter
- Sheer iridescent turquoise glitter
- Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Mint Sprint

More Pics:

And in shade, because the sunlight pics weren't getting the full spectrum of colours that come through in the glitter: 
omg you can totally see me reflected in these! hahah awesome
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  1. That shade is so pretty! Your nails look great! :) x

  2. Colour is gorgeous. Love the hex glitter shade.

    I really want to try using hex glitter, id probably I will get bored placing them on my nails lol.

    1. Thanks, me too. The hex was surprisingly a lot quicker to apply than I thought it would be... Like, 30 seconds and the nail was done. Though, I didn't pay much attention to putting them on as straight as I could have.

  3. Love the glequin color! Really compliments that beautiful emerald jade base color <3

    1. Yeah, I love them together! Thank you!! :)


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