ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: OPI Planks a Lot

Today I have swatches of one of my favourite polishes to show you – OPI Planks a Lot! This is one of the shades from the 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collection. One of my favourite OPI polishes from one of my favourite OPI Collections (from a not-so-good movie but oh well can’t win them all)!

Planks a Lot is a gorgeous dusky violet creme polish that needs 2-3 coats to build up to full opacity. It has great coverage and applies really smoothly. Pictured here is three coats without top coat. Any streakyness you notice is because this polish is getting up there in age and needs some thinner added!

This whole collection was full of gorgeous pastel creme polishes (and one
shatter) and I’m proud to say this was the collection that pulled me
into nail polish. I’m pretty sure this was one of my first OPI polishes! Ahh the memories. Back when I thought 20 bottles of nail polish was a lot. Sometimes I wonder what 2011 me would think of nail blogger 2014 me…

Oh well, enough reminiscing. That’s it for today!

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