ProcrastiNails: Retro Sweets with Hard Candy and Zoya!

Today’s post is one of my favourites in recent memory! I’m working on my stamping technique, and I always think stamping looks better when it has an interesting base. Glitter-packed crelly for a base? Yes please! 🙂

That gorgeous base is one of my new fav shades: Hard Candy Sweet Tooth. You might remember it from my swatch post the other week. 🙂 Zoya Sailor is a shade I picked up fairly recently and hadn’t had a chance to try yet, and as you can see I can happily report that it’s an awesome polish for stamping! I love love love how these colours work together, and I love the retro feel the stamp (CH46) gives.

This mani was sweet and striking, and it was one of those designs that I had to keep glancing at out of the corner of my eye when I was wearing it because I loved it so much! While I was going through my Cheeky plates to find one that caught my eye I was reminded about the nautical-themed designs in the set, so keep an eye out for some of those being paired with Sailor (what a match!) later this summer. 😀

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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