ProcrastiNails: Boudoir Antique Roses with Julep

I don’t know if I gushed enough over how much I loved Julep’s January collection back when it was released… So just to drive home the point I put this look together using only shades from that box! It was full of soft and dreamy shades, and what is softer and dreamier than a scattering of vintage roses? 🙂

As I said above, this look used a handful of shades from the Julep Boudoir Collection… The base was Julep Hope, and the body of the roses was Julep Annemarie. If you have questions about the others you can always check out my original swatches to match them, or send me a message to ask. 🙂 All of the shades I used had silk or satin finishes (aka they were matte) so that gives this design a different look!

I love doing roses. Even though these ones aren’t as detailed or carefully done as some of the previous roses I’ve done I think they’re still lovely. They’re a perfect mani to welcome spring. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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