ProcrastiNails: Unboxing Julep’s Mystery Polish Grab Bag

You know how sometimes you buy things and they come in and you’re excited, and then you put them away and completely forget about them for the next month or so? That was the unfortunate fate of the last mystery package I bought from Julep. Oops!

I came across this particular box again recently and decided – “Hey, mystery packages are fun! Let’s do an unboxing so everyone can see what I got!” The box in question is one I picked up a few good months ago when Julep had a sale on. The deal was 10 mystery polishes for $20 and I couldn’t resist. Check under the cut to see what polishes I got and how many were duplicates for me!

Julep Ilsa, Sawyer, Sharna, Vera and Faye

In the first half of the set I actually didn’t have any dupes! Woo! There were a lot of browns in my box but since I love neutral polishes I really didn’t mind.

Julep Ilsa, Sawyer, Sharna, Vera and Faye

Julep Boris & Nicole, Denver, Fiore, Francis and Hartleigh

In the second half I wasn’t so lucky with duplicates. I already own two of these – Julep Fiore and Julep Hartleigh. But two out of 10 isn’t bad at all!

Julep Boris & Nicole, Denver, Fiore, Francis and Hartleigh

And let’s get on to the swatches!

Julep Faye (Boho Glam): Liquid bronze shimmer

Julep Vera (Boho Glam): Sable brown crème

Julep Sharna (It Girl): Bronze-dipped full-coverage microglitter

Julep Sawyer (Boho Glam): Copper patina molten

Julep Ilsa (It Girl): Ink blue crème

Julep Hartleigh (Classic With a Twist): Holographic heart glitter top coat

Julep Francis (Boho Glam): Celery green crème

Julep Fiore (It Girl): Espresso brown crème

Julep Denver (It Girl): Seafoam green créme

Julep Boris & Nicole (Bombshell): Autumn red-brown frost

Overall I definitely think this box was worth the $10 I spent on it. I’m shocked that I only got two duplicates, and they’re at least duplicates of polishes I like so chances are I will use them eventually. I think my favourites would have to be the gorgeous seafoam of Denver and the glittery goodness of Sharna.

I was also surprised to find I didn’t mind the two duochromes in the set – Boris & Nicole and Sawyer – since I have to admit duochromes and multichromes are my least favourite polish finish of all time. (Unpopular opinion, I know. Haha.)