ProcrastiNails: 2013 Nail Art Challenge: China Glaze Glitter All The Way and Bizarre Blurple Tape Mani

So today I started the designs for my 2013 Nail Art Challenge. First up: a polish you’ve never used. Or in this case, two polishes I’ve never used. And now? Two polishes I love! I’m really pleased with how this combo turned out. 🙂

More details behind the cut!

I don’t usually use dark polishes as a base because I have a long-term relationship with pastel colours, but now that I’ve used it I’ve found out that I really love Bizarre Blurple (even if the name is ridiculous). I wore it on it’s own out shopping and for dinner before I put the glitter on, and I got quite a few compliments on the colour. I’m planning to wear this colour much more often now! If I had one issue it would be that the blue part of blurple only shows up in bright, direct sunlight once it’s actually applied. Otherwise it’s just a dark purple (which is fine, but it doesn’t live up to the name imo).

Even though I knew I would love Glitter All The Way (as I also have a glitter problem) I hadn’t found a good time to put it to use yet. Super happy I decided to use it now, as (unsurprisingly) I love it! It had great coverage with one coat, and I really like the mix of purple, green, gold and red glitter.


(L to R)
1/4″ angle shader brush for cleaning polish from my cuticles
Also, TAPE. I used plain masking tape but forgot to include it in this pic. 🙁 Oops.


(L to R)
China Glaze in Glitter All The Way
China Glaze in Bizarre Blurple

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