ProcrastiNails: 31DC12: Gradient Newspaper Nails

Yes, I am indeed still finishing a challenge from 2012… Yikes! Haha. Today I have my fill for Day 10: Gradient. I finally decided to try my hand at newsprint nails, which I did on top of the gradient. The print came out a bit splotchy, but I find that I like the look! 🙂 It’s more the idea of newsprint rather than a direct image of it. Hmm!

I started out with two coats of Essie Blanc, and then made a gradient with it and Sinful Colors Black on Black to make my base. When that was dry I smoothed it out with a layer of topcoat, and then when THAT was dry I dipped my fingers in rubbing alcohol before pressing on the newspaper. I eventually found that the trick was to make sure the rubbing alcohol had dried off a bit (as in it wasn’t soaked anymore – about 5 full seconds or so) and then firmly press the newsprint onto it and let it chill for a few seconds. I had to go over most nails a few times with different pieces of paper, until I was happy with the way they looked. I then sealed the whole thing with another layer of topcoat.

I think this is a pretty cool look. The gradient almost looks like newsprint itself, with the faded/splotchy way the texture came out. I’m totally going to be trying this look again in different ways now that I know how to do it.

Have you tried newspaper nails before? If so do you use real alcohol or rubbing alcohol or something else? 🙂 Let me know!!

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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