ProcrastiNails: Tutorial // Skittlette Base + How I Choose Complimentary Skittlette Polishes

Sometimes when I’m planning to do detailed/layered nail art I’ll do my base coats the night before and then plan to do the actual designs the next day. This gives everything time to dry completely and spreads the two to three hour committment over the course of two days. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen and I never get around to doing anything on top of the base. This was one of those instances, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway and give you some insight into how I choose my colours. 🙂

Skittlette Mani: a look that has two accent nails that are different from the base. 
Example: Zoya Aurora and Polka Dot Bow Mani
Accent Nail: one nail (or more) that is different from the majority nails, whether that’s by having nail art or glitter or both. 
Example: Oh Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding!
Skittle Mani: each nail is different but complementary. 
Example: Sinful Colors Tribal Skittles Mani

For my skittlette designs I usually stick with the same general rules: a bold colour, a neutral colour, and a glitter.  The neutral and glitter usually take up one nail each, with everything else painted the bold colour. And my hands aren’t usually the same. For example: for this design on my cinderella hand the glitter was on my middle finger with the neutral on my pointer. Whatever you think looks good, just go for it! 🙂

I usually start with choosing my glitter, because chances are it’s going to be the most flashy part of my look and I want it to stand out. For this look I went with China Glaze It’s a Trap-eze. I then choose my bold colour by either choosing shades found within the glitter or finding an appropriate colour to compliment it. (The Colour Scheme Designer is a really great tool for this.) I went with China Glaze Life is Rosy which draws from the pink in the glitter. The final nail is your neutral, and if I’m planning on doing art on it I usually go with a white like Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I then seal the whole thing with a topcoat, and then you’re ready to jazz it up!

If you’re curious, originally I was going to stamp the white nail with a turquoise blue Valentine’s design and then put some matching gems on the other nails. Nothing too fancy, but I just never got my butt in gear. Ah well, it still looked nice on it’s own!

And that’s how I do it! Do you have any tricks or rules for yourself when doing a skittlette mani? If so let me know! I’m always curious to know how others plan their designs. 🙂

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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