Review + Bonus Nail Art // SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth Headphones and SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

by - Saturday, November 19, 2016

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Okay, so this is a VERY different post than usual for me but I hope you'll bear with me. :) Today I'm taking a look at a couple different pieces of sound devices that were sent to me by SoundPEATS AUDIO - their Q20 Bluetooth Headphones and their SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers. And for fun I did some colourful music-inspired nail art to go with them!

Check below for both my reviews of the items and also a better look at this super fun nail art look.

SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth Headphones 

SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth Headphones ($31.99 // Amazon
Features:  Magnetic on/off feature that ensures device is turned off when magnetic pieces are joined, immediately connects to Bluetooth once separated. HD stereo sound quality. Bluetooth 4.1 Technology. Packed with 3 sizes of earhooks & eartips, and the ergonomic design makes it stay comfortably in your ears. Up to 5.5 hours of music time and 180 hours of standby with a single charge, 2 hour charging time. 

So first up we have the SoundPEATS Q20 Bluetooth Headphones which come in this super cute and practical case. Since the headphones turn on as soon as you separate them (they are connected with a magnet!) it's important to keep them in a case so you don't drain the battery by them coming apart in your purse.

I found the sound quality really good, and as someone who has never used a Bluetooth device before it was super simple to connect to my phone. I've never had headphones that have a little arm to snuggle IN your ear cavity to help hold them in place, and they took some time to get used to, but I think it's a neat feature.

The cord is long enough to go around the back of my neck and makes them almost invisible if I put it under my hair. I'm a little nervous about them falling out while I'm working out but I haven't had issues so far and I think I just need to get used to the whole wireless thing. :)

SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers 

SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers ($37.99 // Amazon
Features: Light weight made of acrylic and 9 inches in height. Built-in amplifier speakers to bring vivid, bright and clear sound. Each speaker has 4 different coloured LED lights and fountain reacting to the beat as you listen to music, with a higher fountain for louder music. 3.5 mm connection port or Bluetooth compatibility for sound from almost any device. 


I wish I could have photographed how amazing they actually are, in the dark they look so cool but my camera just wasn't having it. Basically there's a wee bit of water in each top plastic part, and they go into little lighted holes that shoot jets of air that reflect the colours. They're kind of tacky but I kind of really love them?

And since they're Bluetooth compatible I can literally carry them around my house anywhere I need. I set them up in my kitchen when I'm cleaning as they have surprisingly good sound (especially when compared to my phone-in-a-toilet-paper-tube sound system haha).

The chord that connects them is about 5 feet so both sides have to stay at least that close to each other, and they seem to have to be connected by the cord for both of them to work. And just like the headphones they were super easy to set up and connect to my phone via Bluetooth.

"So enough about that," I hear you saying, "More nail art!!" I hear and I deliver!

So I've been wanting to do a design like this for quite a while now, and though it didn't turn out exactly like I expected I still really really like it. :)

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Black on Black for the majority of nails and did a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the accent nail. On the majority of my fingers I then used Mundo de Unas White and a plate from Bundle Monster (sorry, I can't recall the number right now!) to stamp on my digital bars.

On my accent nail I did a dry brush gradient and then stamped the image on with more Mundo de Unas White. Everything is sealed with a layer of glossy top coat. :)

The three colours I decided to use were all from the OPI Color Paints Collection: Purple Perspective, Indigo Motif, and Turquoise Aesthetic.

Super fun nail art, and super fun speakers! I think both the headphones and speakers are great quality but man you guys I am so in love with these speakers.

If you want to check out either of these products for yourself you can check out the SoundPEATS AUDIO shop on Amazon. They have lots of other fun devices too, and almost everything is available in multiple colours. :)

Let me know what you think! And thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Both devices look really nice and your nails are fantastic too.

  2. Nice idea about the nail from the speakers.:)

  3. Beautiful mani! And I bet a lot of new Iphone owners are looking for bluetooth headphones now.

  4. I love how the nail art look coordinates!

  5. I love how you did this! These are super cute nails and I kind of want those headphones and speakers lol

  6. I know the Q20 and the water speaker will do deals on Nov 28th,it will let us save 20% to buy.


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