ProcrastiNails: ProcrastiNails 2013 Year in Review


2013 was a long year for me. It was my first time blogging, and even though some months were harder than others to get through I made it through and out the other side. Yaaaay! 🙂 This is actually the longest I’ve ever stuck with a hobby, and I’m pretty sure at least part of the reason for that was because blogging made me feel like I was accountable to my followers to keep going with it (whether anyone was actually reading my posts or not). So here’s to hoping I stick around for many more years yet to come! 😀

In celebration of the past year, I bring you a review of my top 5 polishes and nail art designs from 2013, as well as some random stats that you might find vaguely interesting. 😉

My Top 5 Polishes from 2013

#5 – Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sugar Fix

Textured polishes were really a thing this year for me. I just can’t get enough of them! And when it comes to a good, multi-purpose textured base polish, my mind always goes to Sugar Fix. It’s lovely on it’s own, but I especially love that you can use it as a base for textured gradients and designs… Like I did with my Pride Mani. Definitely one of my top polishes for this year, if only for how versatile it is. 🙂

#4 – Julep Shoshanna

Shoshsanna was in my December 2013 Julep Maven It Girl Box. This was one of those polishes I wasn’t super pumped about when I saw swatches online, but once I had it on my nails I was in love. It was one of my first (almost) full-coverage linear holo glitters, and I couldn’t stop looking at it when it was on my nails. Love love love.

#3 – Julep Tracy

Tracy was from my July 2013 Julep Maven It Girl Box. It was one of the first Julep polishes I truly loved, and it was also my first Julep textured polish. Look at that cool, jewel blue… Ahh!! The texture and sparkle just put it over the top, but in a classy way. Stunning!

#2 – Essie Belugaria

Ohhhh Belugaria. What a love-hate relationship we have, you and I. Obviously my emotions run more towards love than hate, considering it’s on this list. 🙂 Belugaria is from Essie’s 2013 Encrusted Treasures Collection, and it was the only one from this set that I ended up swatching. I just love how the glitter looks like hidden treasure scattered throughout the black grit.

#1 – Julep Florence

Yes, my #1 for 2013 is a neutral. Hahah. But it’s because I just can’t get enough of Florence! This was one of the shades in my September 2013 Julep Maven Classic With a Twist Box. Hands down, my favourite neutral ever. It makes for a subtle and classic mani, and it works great as a base for nail art and designs. And speaking of nail art…

My Top 5 Nail Art Designs From 2013
#5 – Zoya Aurora and Polka Dot Bow Mani! (Aug 2/13)

Aurora was my first Zoya polish, and this was my first real skittlette mani. Lots of firsts in this post! 😉 I looooove how the colours go together in this look, even if the bow wasn’t really practical for everyday wear. Check out the original post for more pics!

#4 – Step into Summer: Inspired by a Bathing Suit! (Jul 26/13)

This design was inspired by one of my favourite bathing suits, and I just love how bright and striking the colours of the flower are when based on the white. This was one of the few times this year I actually sat down to free-hand some art, and I really like how it turned out. Check out the original post for more pics!

#3 – Pinterest Inspired Nail Art Challenge Week 4: Ikat! (Aug 26/13)
I participated in a Pinterest Inspired Challenge with a few other ladies earlier this year, and the results from the challenge were all awesome. It let me try some new and popular techniques that were around in the blogging world that I hadn’t been able to sit down and actually try for myself up until that point. This was my fav from the entire challenge… My first try at an Ikat design! Check out the original post for more pics!

#2 – Sinful Colors Tribal Skittles Mani! (Apr 12/13)

Sinful Colors was a new brand in Canada when Target opened here this year, and I was there within the first week to grab a bunch of their lovely (and lovely priced) polishes! This was also my first attempt at a tribal-style design, and I was thrilled with how it turned out. Check out the original post for more pics!

#1 – Game of Thrones The Stag and The Rose Mani! (Mar 18/13)

Once upon a time, I made a little name for myself by doing nail art designs based around Game of Thrones. And they were AWESOME designs, if I do say so myself. That was what really started my blogging career, so how could I not include at least one in my list of favs from 2013?! This one was inspired by my favourite (spoiler) half-dead couple, and even though I got some flack on tumblr for not making the roses gold (which would be more canon-compliant) I’d have to say this was my absolute favourite design for the year. 🙂 Check out the original post for more pics! And don’t forget to check out all of my Thrones Inspired nails over here.

Some Other Fun Stats

– My most popular blog posts this year were OPI’s Significant Other Color and Pink Gemstone Mani (which I still find hilarious because the whole point of that post was that it was my most hated polish) and my Sinful Colors Tribal Skittles Mani
– My most commented post this year (aside from giveaways) was The 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Fill for Dec 1st – Presents for Everyone!
– My most popular post on instagram was my Cartoon Mani Tutorial
– My most popular post on tumblr was also my Cartoon Mani

Overall this was a good year, even if it was a challenge from time to time. I went from taking pictures with my phone in my room, to taking pictures with my phone in natural sunlight (which got me some weird looks from neighbours), to finally taking pictures with a camera and a homemade light box. In the new year I plan to overhaul my watermark, shift the blog address on posts fully over to the domain, and try to get more time scheduled into my life to sit down and paint my nails. Painting your nails is good self-care after all, and taking care of myself and regrouping is going to be my self-imposed theme for 2014. 🙂

Thanks for checking out my review, and let me know what your favs were from this year. 🙂 There’s also a few hours left on my giveaway, so if you haven’t entered yet get your butt over there! Happy New Year!! xx

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