I gave in. I have no willpower when I'm ill.

by - Sunday, November 03, 2013


Sigh. I may have just bought Julep's Gem Collection from the Secret Store. I thought I could resist it until the store closed at midnight. But in the end the Maven price of $42 (regular $168) got to me. So. Guess you can look forward to swatches of all these lovelies coming up in the next couple of months. :)

What I'm getting:
  • Mary - It Girl: Full-coverage silver microglitter
  • Jordan - Boho Glam: Full-coverage silver gunmetal multidimensional glitter
  • Jasmine - Boho Glam: Starry night blue with silver microglitter
  • Angela - It Girl: Deep sea blue molten
  • Carly - Bombshell: Full-coverage Malibu blue multidimensional glitter
  • Bette - Bombshell: Electric neon purple crème
  • Barbara - Classic with a Twist: Full-coverage magenta multidimensional glitter
  • Echo - Bombshell: Magenta red iridescent multishape glitter glaze
  • Kenya - Classic with a Twist: Red berry microshimmer
  • Oscar - It Girl: Chic gold multidimensional glitter
  • Hilary - Bombshell: Full-coverage copper multidimensional glitter
  • Paris - It Girl: Holographic multidimensional glitter top coat

This collection has two of my favourite Julep polishes ever (Paris and Angela) which I happen to already have, so I guess I'll have to find something to do with the duplicates..... ;) Speaking of, if you haven't already checked out my current giveaway, it's open until November 15! Get those entries in, lovelies!

Did any of you Mavens out there give in and get some holiday goodies from the Secret Store? Not a Maven but looking forward to seeing some of these polishes swatched? Let me know!

Till next time! xx

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  1. I couldn't have resisted either, they look so shiny and pretty haha Didn't know you were ill, hope you get better soon! <3

    1. Yeah, just a little flu. Feeling better now, thanks. :) :) I'm a bit sad at myself for giving in and buying them, but also excited because look at all the pretty! lol

  2. Replies
    1. You and me both! Haha. So excited to get them!


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