ProcrastiNails: 31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Purple Owl Accent Nail

The next colour in my 31 Day Nail Challenge fills is violet. I also found this supercute owl tutorial on pinterest that I wanted to try, so I combined the two and voila!

Blog updates: Speaking of pinterest, I wanted to let you all know I have finally expanded to other areas of the internet… By that I mean I now have twitter, pinterest and instagram! You can check them out in my sidebar with the rest of my links. I’m pretty excited about Instagram, because I’m using it for manis that don’t make it onto the site (mainly ones I’ve done for friends) and ones that are still in progress. I’ve also included a mini instagram gallery under my ‘Popular Posts’ that you can check out. 🙂

What I used to get this look:

(L to R):
OPI’s A Woman’s Prague-ative
OPI’s Planks a Lot
OPI’s Steady As She Rose (layered over Planks a Lot)
Revlon Top Speed in Electric
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Black Satin

My smallest and largest dotting tools were used for the details, and (not pictured) a binder reinforcement was used as a template to create the head/ears of the owl. The space above the owl on the accent nail is bare with just a basecoat and topcoat.

More Pics:
(note: there are two additional pics of this mani that you can check out on my instagram!)

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