Swatch // Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Tender Teal

by - Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I'm not dead! Just crazy busy with class, my manicure exam, quitting my job and sorting out the next exciting steps in my life!

More details on all of that coming soon, but for now let's look at some swatches to get us back in the groove. :)

Our swatch today is a polish I have had for literal ages - Sally Hansen Tender Teal from their Diamond Strength line. In the bottle this is a gorgeous deep blue shimmer with a hint of purple duochrome in the bottle, but like a lot of mainstream multichrome polishes that colour shift didn't come through on the nail. :( Lame.

Pictured is three coats plus top coat. It's a lovely blue, but I really do wish that duochrome came through... Oh well!

You can see a wee hint of the purple on the left side in the shimmer particles... Not enough for my taste, though. :(

The verdict? Pretty polish, would be prettier with more of a bold colour shift. Humph!

What do you think - do you like it with the basic blue shimmer, or would you like to see something a bit more interesting?

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