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by - Thursday, November 24, 2016

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Hello, sorry for the long absence! I think it's been almost a whole week since I posted - things have been crazy busy! I've been taking advantage of a lot of Black Friday deals though so I'll have lots to show you in the coming months! :) 

Today we're taking a look at the gorgeous Midnight Muse Collection from Color Club - available now at Trade Secrets! I think this is an aweome mix of colours and finishes, and it has two glitter toppers included that I am absolutely in love with. Check below for the full collection and let me know what you think! 

Color Club Men Are From Mars

First up is this deep wine red creme polish - it's called Men Are From Mars and I adore how rich and vampy it is! It applied really well with only two coats to opacity, too. :) Sealed with one layer of top coat. 

Color Club Martian, Martian, Martian! 

Next up is Martian, Martian, Martian! A pine green creme polish that applied opaque in two coats, with one layer of glossy top coat on top. :) I really like this shade and I will def be pulling it out to make some Christmas trees on my nails this December! 

Color Club Astro-Naughty

Next up is Astro-Naughty which I love in part for the reason that it is the EXACT shade of blue that my apartment walls are painted. Hahah. On top of it matching my walls and therefore being able to be pulled out to cover scratches (lol) I am obsessed with powder blue nail polish and I was so excited to see this shade in the collection. 

It took three coats to build up to full opacity with top coat but I love the shade so much I don't mind the layers. :) 

Color Club Meteor-Right

This collection also has two shimmers in the collection, and my fav of the two has to be this one: Meteor-Right! It's a gorgeous muted grape purple with a copper shimmer and it stole my breath from the moment I applied it. Two coats with top coat and you're good with this one to go out the door!

Color Club Unphased 

The other shimmer is Unphased and it's a soft orange with gold shimmer. The shimmer isn't as drastic as with Meteor-Right but it's still really pretty. I don't think this is a polish I would have picked up on my own if I saw it on a shelf, but now looking at it on my nails I'm really pleased with it.

As far as application goes it's a bit light so you will need three shades and top coat, but it applied smoothly.

Color Club Cheetah-Me-Not

There are also two amazing glitter toppers in this collection, and the first has LEOPARD PRINT GLITTER. I don't know if you know, but I adore leopard glitter. I have no idea why! It's just so fun! And I missed the period of time when indies were all coming out with their own versions, so this is actually only one of two polishes I own with my beloved leopard spots in it.

The name of this polish is Cheetah-Me-Not (which doesn't really go with the space theme the rest of the names have..) and I've swatched it here over Astro-Naughty. It's a glitter topper packed with black leopard glitter, small, medium and large black hex glitter, and a scattering of irridescent glitter which leaves you with a mini rainbow of subtle colour.

As far as application goes it wasn't my favourite.. You definitely have to fish for the leopard glitter, and the rest of it requires a sponge to get good coverage. For these swatches I sponged on one coat and then brushed on one last coat to balance things out. It took two layers of top coat and the larger glitter still sticks out a bit, but that's to be expected. I personally think it's worth the work for the look, but if you disagree I'd pass on this one!

Color Club Many Moons Ago 

The last polish in the collection is Many Moons Ago which is a fun, girly and shiny glitter topper. It has large pink hex glitter, medium purple and copper metallic hex glitter, and small white and copper hex glitter. Quite the variety! I have it swatched here over Martian, Martian, Martian!

I was a bit worried about the metallic hex glitter going taco when I looked at the bottle but my fears were unfounded! This topper applied really smoothly and all the glitter laid flat. I did have to sponge on one coat to get full coverage but you could get away with just brushing it on if you don't mind it a bit thinner in glitter coverage. It all sealed in with one layer of top coat.

I think this is a fun collection, though I'm at bit confused about the names... Nothing about these shades really says "Midnight Muse" to me. "Space Muse" maybe (except for Cheetah-Me-Not). Hmm.

Anyway, names aside I really do like the shades included in this collection. It's a great variety! I think my favourites are Many Moons Ago and Meteor-Right but they're all fun. They all applied really well too, and aside from having to sponge a bit of the glitter toppers on I found that the formula was really good and I had no issues with application.

All of these shades are available right now at Trade Secrets if you're in Canada, and if you're interested in them I'd get downtown to check them out asap! Because once they're gone, they're gone! :)

Which is your favourite from the collection? Any you want to pick up in your Black Friday shopping? Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

You can visit Trade Secrets in store or online for a variety of beauty and nail products available in Canada! You can also visit them on facebooktwitter and instagram.

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  1. Wonderful swatches of them. They look like some lovely colors.

  2. Those creams seem great. I need to try more Color Club for sure.

  3. the names are weird, but there are a few colors that are fabulous

  4. Gorgeous swatches! I really love Astro Naughty too, it's so ice princess-y and pretty!

  5. These all look so gorgeous! Astro Naughty might be my favorite though!

  6. I swatched this collection too and also love love loved Meteor-Right.


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