Nail Art // Trick or Treat Stamped Mani for Halloween!

by - Monday, October 31, 2016

Nail art with black julep holo nail polish

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all get to enjoy some candy and spooky costumes tonight. :) I'm having a quiet night in with cake and movies and my pj's, and I also did some spoopy (is that still a thing) nails to celebrate! 

OOOoooooOOOooOoOoooohhh.... (Like a ghost, get it?! Haha)

Stamped Halloween nail art with MoYou London Celebration 16 Plate

Okay, so let's break down this mani before we look at more pics! My base is a black scattered holo from Julep called Ebony which I stamped over with MoYou London Falcon, Mundo de Unas White and Mundo de Unas Sunflower!

All of the images I used were from my new MoYou London Festive Collection 16 Plate (originally reviewed here)! I like that I used a mix of techniques... Basic stamping, stamping decals, double stamping... It was lots of fun to do!

My favourite nails are the spider web and the 'trick or treat' which has bats stamped for the base!

Pumpkin stamping nail art with Mundo de Unas orange and white polish

Bats and trick or treat lettering stamped over a black holographic nail polish

Nail art with black holographic Julep nail polish and stamping

The holo in Ebony didn't want to show up with my regular lightbox (I find in general Julep's holos aren't bold enough to get a good holo shot without flash) so I decided to take one lobster-fingers flash shot for you to see how truly gorgeous this base is.

Spooky and easy Halloween nails with stamping and glitter

Spooky, am I right? ;)

I really really love these, and I like that they let me put my new Halloween plate to good use before retiring it to switch out my Christmas plates. ..... EXCEPT I actually have one more Halloween look to share with you, and I'm not going to get time to post it until later this week. So I'm not actually done with Halloween yet, surprise surprise!

Check back later this week for my actual last Halloween look, and until then I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween Eve and gets lots of candy (or buys lots of candy tomorrow when it's on sale). :)

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Halloween! xx

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  1. All the different Halloween designs are fun. I really like the cobweb and spider one the most.

  2. Ah, how cute! Love the glittery black base and the ghosts are especially cool! :)

  3. Super cute!!! I love the stamping and all this haloweeny colors ❤️

  4. SPOOPY! This is an awesome look! The pumpkins are my favorite part (:

  5. Your stamping is fantastic! Almost looks like you just used stickers. I'm jealous of your skills!

  6. This is one of the cutest, spookiest Halloween mani I've seen!

  7. Loe the stamping but that base is what's making me drool!

  8. I am dying to pull out my winter and Christmas plates! Love the mani, especially the pumpkins. Will have to grab this plate

  9. Don't let me think of Christmas manis already!!! This one looks great!

  10. I love these! Especially the trick or treat nail and the jack-o-lanterns!

  11. I love that you did white pumpkins!

  12. How perfect! I love how you layered the stamps!


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