ProcrastiNails: Nail Art // Glittery Temporary Butterfly Tattoo Nails

* Contains Prev Press Samples

Butterfly nail art that uses temporary tattoos for the design

I have been wanting to try using temporary tattoos on my nails for ages now, but I finally found time to sit down and actually do it. Yay productivity! However, I didn’t choose my colour combo as well as I could have, so even though the technique worked GREAT overall I think this is a quasi-nail fail. Ah well!

On to the nails!

Red glittery butterfly wing nail art

I started off with a base of Essie Mrs Always-Right and I think that right there is where I went wrong. Right out of the gate! The red tone of the base was too strong so the otherwise gorgeously rainbow-y butterfly wing tattoo I used is muted and the colours really don’t come through as good as they could have. 🙁 So what do you do when a nail art design isn’t a fail but isn’t as nice as you’d hope? You add China Glaze Fairy Dust and everything is better! Right??

The best news? I only used one of the wings from the butterfly tattoo, so I can try it again another time with a white base to see if I like that better. 🙂

Macro of China Glaze Fairy Dust over butterfly wing nail art

Even with the quasi-fail I think this macro is a gorgeous shot. You can see some of the colours coming through from the tattoo and that holo effect is just amazing!

I cut one large temporary tattoo into four pieces to go across all my nails, but the set I got a the dollar store also has some smaller designs that would work for a single nail each so I think I might try that next. Honestly imo temporary tattoos are even easier than water decals because you just stick a wet cotton ball against it on the nail — no need to soak or manoeuvre off the paper!

Have you tried using temporary tattoos in place of water decals? What did you think of it? Let me know! 

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