ProcrastiNails: Playful Gradient Nails with the Essie Silk Watercolors

Gradient nail art with the Essie Silk Watercolour Collection

I was playing around with the Essie Silk Watercolours and ended up feeling like a parrot! In the best way possible! Aren’t you in love with how these turned out? Ahhh!

It’s been about a week since I last fawned over this years’ mainstream jelly offerings, and that’s too long! It’s time to remind myself (and all of you) about how amazinggg these polishes are! Today I’m looking specifically at the Essie Silk Watercolours (though you all know my love of the OPI Color Paints too). 

Nail art using Essie Muse, Myself, Art New-Beau and Blush Stroke

Today I decided to try a more blended gradient look with the polishes, and I’ll be honest that when I started I had no specific designs in mind. I started with Essie White Page and had at ‘er!

I basically went lightest to darkest with Essie Muse, Myself, Art New-Beau and Blush Stroke and applied my polish in with the colours gradienting into each other. To get the polishes to blend you need to have a healthy amount on your brush and you have to allow the wet polishes to overlap and blend while you apply them (which is why I started with the lightest so I didn’t stain my lighter polish brushes). You can always go back and apply a bit more of the light shades to blend later.

This is a technique you want to do one nail at a time, because once the polishes dry you can’t blend them. And seal them with a thick layer of top coat while they’re still wet, because that will help the colours bleed (in a good way!) a bit more.

Once they were dry I free handed some black designs with acrylic, sealed it with more top coat, and I was done!

Macro of nail art with the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection

As you can see up-close the polishes aren’t perfectly blended – I think thicker layers of polish would have let them blend more seamlessly, but I still think this looks awesome.

Gradient nails using Essie Muse, Myself, Art New-Beau and Blush Stroke

This reminds me of tropical butterflies and birds and flowers and I am so in love with them that I feel I need to use all the exclamation points in the world!!! Love!!!