The 31 Day Challenge 2014 - Day 23: Pastel Pirates in the Caribbean

by - Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This one is a bit late coming, sorry for that. I did it this morning (yesterday morning technically) but didn't have the energy to edit/upload before I went to work. Better late than never though, I guess. The theme for Day 23 was Inspired by a Movie and I ended up going with a Pirates of the Caribbean for my movie... I had a bunch of pirate themed stamps, so why not! And to push it that extra mile I used exclusively shades from OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean Collection (which is my all-time favourite collection EVER). Let's take a better look... 

I'm not overly happy with how this came out, particularly the stamping on my pinky... It's ship wheels, but I have now found out that OPI Skull & Glossbones is not a good stamping polish. Lesson learned!

The other shades used here are OPI Steady As She Rose (pink base on middle nails), OPI Mermaid's Tears (green), OPI Planks a Lot (purple), and OPI Sparrow Me the Drama (pink). Skull & Glossbones is also the base on my pointer finger.

As you can see I finished the whole thing off with a layer of Essie Matte About You because whenever something doesn't look quite right you can either top it with Fairy Dust or matte - today matte was the winner.

I am super sleepy so now I am off to bed, but tomorrow (later today actually, damn) I'll be waking up to put together the look for Day 24: Inspired by a Book!

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  1. "whenever something doesn't look quite right you can either top it with Fairy Dust or matte"--love this! And it's true!

    I especially like the layered stamping you did on your middle and ring fingers.

  2. How pretty and soft! This is lovely.

  3. I love this and you used one of my favorite collections of all time! <3


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