ProcrastiNails: My Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box Unboxing and Review!

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I had a gift card for Julep so when I saw that the mystery box for August was going to be complete mystery I decided to go for it. I’m not huge on the polishes they put in the mystery boxes (I find there are a lot of oranges – this month was no exception!) but it is a nice way for me to try some of Julep’s beauty products that I wouldn’t otherwise pick up. So let’s see what I got this month!

Julep 100 Degrees of Mystery Box (Version 1) 

Purchase Price: $24.99
Value: $90 (*with missing product $104)

Nail Moisture Mask x1: $6
Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer: $22
Julep Lip Gloss in Posh: $20
Julep Zoe, Lynn and Gloria: 3 x $14ea
* Missing – Julep Max Polish: $14

When I got my box I checked online to see what the other versions were that people got, just so I could compare. Evolution of a Foodie had put up a spoiler list of the boxes and add-ons and I was surprised to see when I compared my box to what was listed that I was missing a polish! I got in touch with Julep and as always they were super apologetic and put a replacement polish in the mail as soon as they knew. (I already own Max so I’m kind of secretly hoping they send me a different polish instead…)

Now, let’s take a look at all these goodies!

Nail Moisture Mask 

This is… interesting. The package is huge for what I assume it is (covers to go over your nails) and the instructions say to put them on for 20-30 minutes (!!!). Who has time for that?! I mean, I’m going to try them because I have them, but I’ll say now I’m skeptical. 

Julep Nail Moisture Mask
$30 for 5 – currently on sale for $10
Availability: Julep

Details: Keep thirsty nails hydrated with these nutrient-rich masks. Each packet contains 10 slip-on masks that deliver vitamin E, aloe, collagen, shea butter, and botanical oils to your nail beds and cuticles. Plus, they’re touchscreen-friendly—feel free to text and tweet while you treat.

Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer

I’ve been meaning to pick up an eye primer so this was timely for me! Excited to give it a try. 

Julep Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer
$22/$17.60 Maven for 0.13 oz
Availability: Julep

Details: A reparative eye primer that creates a smooth, flawless base for long-lasting eye looks. Light-diffusing diamond powder minimizes shine and lid discoloration. Julep’s exclusive Power Cell Complex™ blends the benefits of three age-defying, skin-boosting, ultra-hydrating ingredients: Rosehip seed oil delivers essential nutrients to soothe and repair. Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ improves barrier function so skin retains moisture. Green coffee bean oil invigorates skin & promotes cell turnover.

Julep Lip Gloss in Posh 

I’m not a lip gloss fan – too sticky and wears off too quickly. That being said I have a friend who loves the Julep lip glosses and I’ve already told her she can have this one. 

Julep Lip Gloss in Posh
Price: $20/$16.00 Maven for 0.25 fl oz
Availability: Julep

Details: A gorgeous lip gloss that offers subtle color, unstoppable shine, and luscious hydration. Posh is described as a “sheer black honey.”

Julep Gloria

Julep Gloria
Price: $14 ($11.20 Maven) for 8mL
Availability: No longer available
Colour Profile: Bombshell
Description: Orange coral
Finish: Crème

Gloria is a shade from 2011 that straddles that line between orange and pink. It’s bright and fun and is only a touch softer than Malia (from The Resort Collection) so if you’re looking for a dupe this one’s close.

Julep Zoe

Julep Zoe
Price: $14 ($11.20 Maven) for 8mL (currently on sale for $4.99!)
Availability: Julep
Colour Profile: Boho Glam
Description: Smoky burnt umber metallic
Finish: Metallic

This is a nice shade but when I swatched the top of the bottle I was surprised to see it was a bit more sheer than I expected. I’ll have to see if it’s the same on the nail. Zoe looks like a nice warm copper metallic.

Julep Lynn

Julep Lynn
Price: $14 ($11.20 Maven) for 8mL
Availability: No longer available
Colour Profile: American Beauty
Description: Nude blush pearl
Finish: Frost

Lynn is an older shade from when Julep had a profile that went by the name “American Beauty.” I think that might have turned into Classic With a Twist, but I might be wrong. I also would not have guessed this was a frost finish if I hadn’t looked it up in other reviews online! Hopefully that will change on the nail.

As I mentioned earlier, my box was missing one product – Julep Max which is a black and white graffiti topper. They’re sending me a replacement so if it is indeed another bottle of Max that they’re sending me that’ll be the 7th polish in my upcoming Julep giveaway. 🙂 So that’s something to look forward to!

The Julep Mystery Boxes are separate from the regular Julep program, but if you’re interested in checking out the subscription program you can check out some of the previous boxes I’ve gotten or check out some of the looks I’ve put together with Julep colours.

Overall I’m moderately happy with this box. I got some beauty products that seem interesting, and though the polishes aren’t ones that I would pick for myself they’re ones I don’t have which is a plus in my books.

What do you think, do you wish you’d picked a box up this month or are you happy you passed?

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