Glitter Gradient Peacock Nails

by - Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Who doesn't love glitter, and who doesn't love peacocks?! They're obviously a no-brainer combo for a manicure, and that's the logic I used when I put this look together. I picked up a few stamping plates from MoYou London a while ago but this is actually the first time I've used them, so let's take a better look!

The design is from the MoYou London Mother Nature 02 plate and it was done on top of a gradient base with OPI Tiffany Case and Julep Braiden. The stamping was done with Konad's White Stamping Polish and covered with their top coat to seal it in.

This design was mainly done to give this plate a try and because of that I kept it simple. Next time I think I'd either like to do some leadlighting with the feathers or add some gems to it to jazz it up and add more of those gorgeous purple/blue/green peacock shades to it.

Do you have a favourite stamping plate brand? Have you tried MoYou London's plates before? Have any recommendations? Let me know! 

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  1. This is actually such a nice manicure! I was recently going through the catalogue of MoYou plates since I seem to have 0 luck when it comes to the stamping plates at home. I figure that if I don't have any luck with MoYou then it's clearly not the plates that is the problem. :) Anyways. a few plates from the Suki collection caught my eye. As well as plate #13 from the Tourist Collection and the Pro XL plate #20.

  2. This is gorgeous! Your stamping from this plate is perfection in how you captured the peacock on the nails.

  3. This is really pretty! I love how the feathers create a really cool pattern!

  4. Your manicures look so wonderful, especially this one!
    I’ve just discovered this blog and I love reading it <3
    I’m looking forward to see your next article ;)

    Xx julia

  5. How pretty is this?!?!? Love that you've put all the color into the background - the glitter gradient is lovely and soft, so the white stamping doesn't look so start or out of place. Lovely job!


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