ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: Nicole by OPI Sand in my Shoe

Nicole by OPI released their line of textured polishes earlier this year and they decided to name them “roughles.” It’s a cute pun on “ruffles” but with “rough” incorporated due to the textured nature of the polish. I’m generally a fan of textured polishes, so it when these polishes came out it wasn’t so much a matter of if I would get them, but rather when I would get them. So let’s take a look at the one I’ve picked up so far: Sand in my Shoe.

Sand in my Shoe is a fun buttery yellow shade with orange speckles throughout. I layered three coats to build it up to solid coverage, and it went on really well.

To be honest, I’m surprised how much I like this shade! Yellows aren’t normally my thing, but this one looked really good on me and it added a splash of spring brightness to my outfit the first day I wore it out. 🙂 

The current roughles line is reaching the end of it’s season, so if you were planning to pick some up I’d encourage you to get your butt in gear and go out and find them! Quite a few stores have had them in their clearance bins for a while now. Overall this is a cute textured polish, and the speckles make it a bit more interesting than your standard textured polish. So if you like texture I’d say go for it!

Did you pick up any of the roughles shades when they came out? Think the textured finish is still good for summer or completely over? Let me know!

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