ProcrastiNails: I. AM. CANADIAN! (Happy Canada Day!)

You know what my least favourite part of growing up in Canada was? Having to draw friggen maple leaves. Those suckers are HARD. No simple flags with lines and blocks of colour for us, nope. So guess how surprised I was when for the first time in my life I draw a decent maple leaf, and it’s for a Canada Day skittlette mani! What are the chances! 🙂 So let’s celebrate my artistic ability and Canada Day at the same time!

I used a bunch of polishes from Essie, Julep, and Love & Beauty by Forever 21 to get this look. You might not be able to tell but my ring finger is supposed to be a stylized version of a Mountie uniform. And once again: damn! Look at my maple leaf! 11 pointed perfection, one representing each of the provinces/territories (which isn’t accurate anymore because Nunavut was created but oh well). Haha.

Also, if you’re not Canadian and haven’t seen our national video you need to get on that. I’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. 😉 

Thanks for visiting!! Now it’s back to bed with more cough syrup for me.

Happy Canada Day!