ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: Mariah Carey Collection Liquid Sands Ft. Get Your Number and Can’t Let Go

I picked up a mini set of the liquid sands from OPI’s Mariah Carey Collection from earlier this year, and never go around to posting the swatches. So today I’m sharing two of my favourites: Get Your Number (a gorgeous bright sparkly blue) and Can’t Let Go (a deep shimmery purple).

Can’t Let Go

OPI Can’t Let Go is described as a “matte purple with dazzling sparkle” and it is all those things! I’m not normally a huge purple fan, but this shade is deep enough that I don’t mind it. As you can see there’s a nice mix of small and large glitters, though I couldn’t actually tell you if the glitters themselves were purple or silver. Either way, the different sizes add some visual interest to this polish. 🙂

Pictured here is three coats of polish since the textured base is more of a crelly (it was pretty thin with only one or two), and I’ve included a look at it with a glossy topcoat (Seche Vite) below. I think I prefer this one matte, but I always think it’s interesting to see what textured polishes look like with some shine.

Get Your Number

I love this polish. OPI Get Your Number is described as a “matte blue with sparkles,” and I love that those sparkles are holographic! Look at all that colour coming through in the sparkle. Ahhh, love it. The textured crelly base of this polish brings some of that gorgeous holo down a bit, but even so it’s a stunning colour.

Pictured here is three coats of Get Your Number, and once again I’ve added a shot of what it looks like with a glossy topcoat in the image below. I like this polish both ways, but I especially enjoy the way the topcoat brings out the depth and all of those holo colours. It makes it look kind of like specks glinting in the ocean from the sun… Ahhhhh lovely. 🙂

So, have you picked either of these shades up since they came out last January? Regretting not doing so now? Hahah. 😛 Let me know! I’m also curious about if you prefer them matte or glossy. Personally I prefer Can’t Let Go in matte and Get Your Number in glossy (if I had to choose). 🙂

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