ProcrastiNails: Springtime is Splatter Time!

I decided to take part in this week’s FingerFood Theme Buffet challenge because the theme was really easy: something new! I decided to combine two interpretations: some new polishes, and a new technique for me! Yep, this was my first time (successfully) using the splatter technique. And I thought the Revlon Parfumerie shades I just picked up today were perfect shades for summer. Voila, a manicure is born! 🙂

I didn’t know if I liked this look better with or without top coat, so what you see above is with topcoat to smooth down the splatter bumps…

And what you see down here is without top coat, so all the bumps and ridges are visible. I think I actually like it better without top coat, but I’m curious to hear what you think!

As I mentioned, all of the polishes used here were from Revlon’s Spring 2014 Parfumerie line. The base is Sunlit Grass, and the colours I used to splatter were Apricot Nectar and Ginger Melon. GM is actually a touch more pink in real life.

To get the splatter look I dipped a straw into a small blob of polish and then blew on my nails. I was surprised how much effort it took to blow! If you don’t blow hard enough you don’t get a splatter, but if you blow too hard it seems to sometimes blow the polish right past the nail. Definitely a technique I’m going to have to work on.

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