ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: OPI Lights of Emerald City

I’m super excited about this post. As you may remember, square glitters are one of the things that gives me life. I didn’t pick up Lights of Emerald City when it first came out and for whatever reason it was impossible for me to find after that (aside from ordering it online). I finally came across it at a beauty supply outlet one day that I stopped in to on a whim. What are the chances! Of course now that I’ve gotten my hands on it I’ve been seeing it everywhere, but that’s just how life goes. 🙂

OPI Lights of Emerald City is a lovely glitter topper from OPI’s 2013 Oz the Great and Powerful Collection that is packed with large white square glitter and small iridescent square glitter. As you can see some of them weren’t cut quite evenly but in real life from a distance you can’t tell at all. I used the sponging technique to disperse the glitter evenly, but otherwise I think if you tip the bottle upside down before you use it and dab it on you should get the same general look. The glitter payoff of white versus iridescent glitter was pretty even.

I love love love this polish, and I’m so happy to finally have gotten my hands on it. I swatched it here over ORLY Rococo a Go Go, and I love the fact that the iridescent glitter is going to look different depending on the base you use. Here you can see the orange and gold and green come through, but I’m curious to see what it would look like swatched over blue!

Ahhh, I am so happy to have this in my collection. It was a long hunt but it was so satisfying when I finally came across it. Do you guys have polishes like that? Ones you really wanted but that you wanted to come across by fate rather than by taking the easy way out (i.e. ordering online)? Let me know!! 🙂

Thanks for visiting!! xx

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