ProcrastiNails: House Tully Game of Thrones Inspired Mani

 Exciting news! Since my last Game of Thrones mani went over so well I’ve decided expand it into a series of designs. Because my knowledge is based on the HBO show and spoilers, I’ve enlisted my friend Jill to help (since she’s responsible for dragging me into Game of Thrones in the first place). My knowledge compared to her knowledge is a joke, so we’ll be planning out the designs together and then I’ll translate them to nail art. 🙂

My hope is to post a new Thrones design every week leading up to the premier on March 31, 2013. Hopefully this will be done every Sunday starting next week. Depending on inspiration, I may continue designs through the third season. We’ll see.

I’ll continue to post things not related to Thrones as well, so those of you not interested in the show/book don’t have to worry about this becoming a fandom-specific nail art blog.

Anyway, now that that’s covered you can check out my inspiration/colours/tools/pics below the cut!


Since there’s a few different designs for the Tully sigil I chose the one that seemed like it would best translate to a tiny nail design. This was the winner since I liked the idea of using the white waves to seperate the background colours. After looking at it for a while I decided to do a red-to-blue gradient for the background rather than colour blocking, and I’m pretty pleased with the final look. I also turned the fish upright as per the HBO Tully desktop image.


(L to R)
1/4″ angle shader brush for cleaning polish from my cuticles
Chunk of sponge


(L to R)
China Glaze in Man Hunt
Essence in Fame Fatal
Rimmel French White Nail Tip Liner

More Pics: