ProcrastiNails: Game of Thrones Mani Inspired By Daenerys Targaryen

So this weeks Thrones design comes to us from the lovely Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen. Can you guess what inspired it without looking under the cut? 🙂 

Also: I’m trying out a new camera/light source, so the next few post will probably be all over the place in terms of looks. That’s one of the benefits to being a new blog: you get to play around with things for a while! I’ve also noticed how different Teal Tango looks in natural light (here) versus in the artificial light I used for the swatching post. (IRL it doesn’t look as blue as it does in these pics, it’s closer to the actual teal in the last post.)

The base of this design used a reverse!saranwrap mani
technique, I guess you could call it… That means that instead of
taking colour off with the saran wrap, I dabbed the gold colour on top
with saran wrap. Just remember that if you do any variation of the saran
wrap mani, it’s VERY important to make sure your base is completely dry
before doing the top colour. I did my base, a layer of gold with saran
wrap and then a layer of blue with saran wrap to even the look out. I wanted it to look like
the blue and gold fabric that makes up most of Dany’s dress. Then I
freehanded to make a design like the one on her belt/shoulder pads. 


So this design was inspired by one of the gorgeous dresses that Dany wears in Qarth (and in Entertainment Weekly, lol) in season 2. I love love love this dress, and when I was looking for inspiration this look jumped out to me.

What I used to make this look

(L to R)
Kit Nail Lacquer in Teal Tango
Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold
10/0 detailing brush

More Pics