Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does All That Glitters: Glitter Color Blocking

by - Thursday, January 11, 2018

This challenge is letting me use some polishes that I've had forever but haven't ever used, which is exciting for me! The main one I'm talking about here is this beautiful multichrome flakie polish from Finger Paints that I bought ages ago. Look how gorgeous!

Today I decided to go with a colour blocking look, with the glitter polishes being the segments of colour with a neutral base. I think this is a look that would have been way easier with gel polish, but since when do I make things easy for myself, right? :) 

I started out with a layer of UNT Peel Off Base Coat and then outlined some squares with some white polish and a liner brush. I sponged on my glittery flakies roughly within those squares (as much as I could control the placement with the sponge) using Finger Paints Daubigny's Garden and OPI Gaining Mole-Mentum.

Application was a bit tricky as if the space I was applying flakes to was too wet the flakes would just slide around, but if it was too dry they wouldn't adhere. So it was a bit of a process!

When I was satisfied with my flakie application I took Essie Blanc and a liner brush and carefully outlined the squares I wanted to show through, painting over some of the flakes on occasion. I then filled in the rest of the space with white and layered with top coat and voila!

This mani was a bit thick and a little bumpy when it was all done, which is why I think it may have been better to do it with gel which would have let me really smooth things down. Maybe that's a challenge for me for another day! :)

Let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. The glitter color blocking looks super neat.

  2. Great job--the colors you chose work beautifully together, and there's just the right amount of bling. :)

  3. Very intriguing!! Those polishes look super cool in that style, even if they gave you a bit of trouble. ;)


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