Event Recap // My Time at Indie Expo Canada 2017!

by - Friday, June 09, 2017

Helloooo and sorry for the radio silence! Indie Expo Canada (aka the focus of this post!) took a lot out of me and there's lots of other things going on in my life on top of that, so my writing got a bit delayed. But never fear, I am back!

Did you attend Indie Expo Canada Toronto 2017? If so, did you come by to say hi?:) If you didn't, that's okay! This post is gonna let you live vicariously through me, hooray! I will also have two or three other posts coming up in the next couple weeks with my shopping haul, a look at the VIP bag, and a look at what I covered in my tutorial table. So keep an eye out for that!

Now, let's go! Pretend it's 11am on a mild Sunday morning and click the 'read more' below!

My face! Ahh! Have I ever shared my face on here? I don't know, but if I have I can say it's something I don't do often. This is my lovely mug to the left, and to the right is my nail bestie Ashley (aka glitterperfection_xo). She stayed over the night before and we went together! You can tell I didn't sleep much and was still groggy when we took this, oops.

My quick mani for the day - Pretty & Polished Let Them Eat Cake

These are the nails I ended up wearing to the actual expo. I knew I wanted to wear an indie so I went with my new Pretty & Polished Let Them Eat Cake which was a group custom in the crelly lovers group on facebook. Gotta love that clean base with those bright glitter!

The event started at 12 noon but VIP ticket holders (that was us!) could arrive at 11am to check in. AND since I was hosting a tutorial table I was able to sneak in and take a peek even earlier.

Once we were allowed in it was time to shop! And here's a look at some of the vendors that were in attendance...

The Vendors

So unfortunately a few vendors who planned to be there didn't make it. Bliss Polish had all of their polish stuck at customs, and some brands like My Indie Polish had to pull out a couple weeks before the event. :'( Tonic Polish had their stock held at customs too, so all they had with them was what they could fit in their suitcase!

Hopefully the can all make it next year, and in the meantime the vendors who were there still gave us plenty of places to spend our money. ;)

Girly Bits Cosmetics at Indie Expo Canada

The amazing Pam is the brain behind Indie Expo Canada and she's also the brain behind Girly Bits Cosmetics! I definitely picked up some polishes but you'll have to wait for my haul post to see what I got!

Native War Paints at Indie Expo Canada

CANVAS Lacquer at Indie Expo Canada

Beyond the Nail at Indie Expo Canada

Colors by Llarowe at Indie Expo Canada

Fair Maiden Polish and Pahlish at Indie Expo Canada (with Moo Moo's Signatures to the left lol)

Great Lakes Lacquer at Indie Expo Canada

Lovacado at Indie Expo Canada

Fiendish Fancies at Indie Expo Canada

Hit the Bottle Presented by Beautyometry at Indie Expo Canada

I was pleased with all the Canadian indies who were present but it was also nice to be able to pick up some international indies without paying the (sometimes hard to swallow) shipping costs. So I definitely made sure I shopped as much as I could! And so many of the lovelies staffing the tables (both volunteers and brand creators) were amazingly kind and helpful.

Sunday also had a few other things going on, aside from shopping. One of these things was...

The Sunday Presentation

I have to say I was exhausted from shopping and was chilling in the lobby when this happened, but I can tell you there was a presentation that took place on the floor that covered all things indie. The importance of the industry, the ins and outs of being a brand owner, the importance of social media... They covered a LOT of info, and it was a very open presentation that was also streamed online!

If you want to know more about the deets of the presentation and who was involved you can check it out at the official IEC 2017 page. :)

Next up was another place to spend your money, though for a good cause!

The Silent Auction

Yes, there was a silent auction! I bid on a few items but didn't end up winning any, but that was totally fine. :) Donations were made by brands and individuals including the gorgeous handmade quilt you can see at the front, sets of polish, and the jewel on top - a helmer FULL of polish! Wowza!

All the winning bids went to the Mount Sinai Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre through a new initiative called Paint it Forward. Ultimately the silent auction made over $1700 for for breast cancer support and research, which is amazing. :)

And then the part that stressed me out for weeks leading up to the event...

The Tutorials

I wish I had gotten pictures of all the other lovely ladies who hosted tutorial tables, but alas the only one I caught was the wonderful Elena from Nail Experiments who taught how to use holo and chrome powders with both gel and regular polishes. Her table looked like they had fun and I wish I'd been able to go!!

The table I hosted was actually co-hosted with the amazing Candace (from Less Talk More Polish) and we covered six different techniques - galaxy manis, freehand, smoosh marbles, dry marbles, gradients and water decals! Phew!

And thank you to Fiendish Fancies for donating the polishes for my freehand component! *hearts* 

I have to say, our students were AMAZING. I'm going to have a whole post coming up soon with a look at what we learned and a look at the finished looks that came out of it, so keep an eye out for that!

The Haul 

So I'm not going to go into detail as I'm going to have a whole post on my haul, but here's a quick preview for those that are curious! I spent way too much money but I came out super content. :) Some of the brands I horded include Beyond the Nail, Fair Maiden Polish and Fiendish Fancies, and I also picked up some new-to-me brands like Moo Moo's Signatures and Pahlish. 

The VIP Swag 

The last bit I have to share with you from the day is a preview of the products I got in my VIP bag.

There were a ton of polishes and non-polish items, and I thought it was fun that for a few brands you would have to stop by their table to pick your gift up rather than it being in the bag already. A couple brands (Fiendish Fancies and Bliss Polish) also had multiple polishes that could come in the VIP bags, so you didn't know what you got until you opened it! 

Phew! Long post! So that's my general overview of the day - over all I had a LOT of fun and I'm already excited for next year! Candace and I have talked about doing another tutorial table, I'm already saving up, and I'm excited for an even bigger and better event next year with even more brands!

Let me know what you think, and if you were able to attend and said 'hi' to me let me know who you are - I have a terrible memory for faces so it would be nice to connect all of you to screen names haha. :)

Next up will be my VIP Bag Review! Thanks for visiting! xx

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