ProcrastiNails: Pros and Cons of Shaping Your Nails at 2am AKA My Regrettable New Nail Shape

Pics of the process as it went down from my IG Story

“So Katherine,” you might have been asking recently, “Why aren’t you posting? Where did you go?”

Well dear reader, the answer is as follows: When I got home at 2am a couple days ago I noticed that the edges of two of my nails had broken off, and I decided it was time to try something new! Why not go for a bit of a coffin shape?!

So I did it.

And in the morning I looked at my nails and said to myself: “Oh god. What have I done. Would I be better with nubs?”

So I’m sharing this all with you for two reasons:

  1. So you never make the same impulse decision that I did early in the morning, and 
  2. I need your input on if I should tough it out with these until I get my regular length and shape back, or if I should just nubbify them for the week or so until they grow back proper. I even put a nifty little poll at the end so you can chime in. 🙂

First up let’s look at what my nails looked like before, when I had a softened square shape… For the purposes of this comparison I’ll be re-swatching OPI Cosmo With a Twist. Here is my original swatch with my original shape:

And now, dear readers, here’s the look that I shaped for myself at 2am:

EUUUGGHHHH I hate it. Hahaaaaaaa.

Here’s a look from another angle compared to my original shape:

 Normally following my impulses actually works out pretty well for me… I’ve had a lot of great results from impulse moves, impulse haircuts, impulse trips… Apparently impulse nails are not for me, though. 🙁 Arrrrghhh.

I’m probably going to cut these babies down to nubs tonight, to be honest. What do you think, is that my best bet? Or should I leave them?

Just for fun, let’s have a poll!

Let me know what you think! If you have ideas other than nubbifying, let me know in the comments! Thanks guys. xx