Nail Art: Metallic for #31DC2016 // Dripping Rainbow Metallic Nails

by - Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello loves! The first of two looks today is my fill for Metallic for The 31 Day Challenge!

As soon as I started looking through my collection for metallic polishes I remembered the gorgeous (and rarely used) Sally Hansen Color Foil Collection that I have. Perfect! And drips seemed like a good way to feature all the shades in a way that would pop off of the background.

Check under the cut for a better look. :)

My base is (as always) Sinful Colors Black on Black and then I used 5 different shades from the Sally Hansen Color Foils Collection to add some metallic drips down each nail, trying to blend them slightly where they joined. Metallic or chrome polishes are always tricky to do art with as they like to show brush strokes, but I don't even care. I think this looks cool! :)

The first coat of the Color Foils that I applied hadn't been shaken well enough so I actually thought this mani was going to be a fail. Then I thought to myself "these should be a LOT lighter than they are showing up..." And I shook them all a lot more and all was good! So reminder: Shake or roll your chrome polishes before using them so you don't just get the color! Get that metallic goodness mixed in!

Thanks for visiting! xx

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