ProcrastiNails: Swatch // Quo by ORLY Always Chic (+ a Ceramic Glaze Heavenly Comparison)

Soft pink nail polish with blue shimmer

Hello loves! I have some quick swatches for you and a comparison at the end of the post as well. 🙂 I forgot how fun it was to compare polishes so I’m thinking that’s something I might get more active with again. Do you think that’s something you would be interested in?

While you ponder your answer to that question let’s look at some swatches!

Swatch of Quo by ORLY Always Chic

Quo by ORLY Always Chic is from the Spring 2016 Collection and can you believe my Shoppers already had it in the clearance section?! I don’t get it, but bonus for me!

This is a lovely shade for spring — a soft pink pearl with a hint of blue shimmer in the light. I thought this would be quite sheer but it actually built up really well! Pictured here is two coats without top coat. 🙂

Macro of Quo by ORLY Always Chic

In the macro you can really see the blue shimmer particles reflecting in the light. This is a truly gorgeous polish, perfectly light and summery and sweet.

As I was putting this polish on I kind of felt like it was Ceramic Glaze Heavenly‘s pinker sister, so I decided to compare them for you! 

Comparison of Ceramic Glaze Heavenly and Quo by ORLY Always Chic

You can see Ceramic Glaze Heavenly (from the Botanical Oasis Collection) on the left, and Always Chic on the right. Close but not the same. But you see what I mean?

Let me know what you think of Always Chic! If you had to choose between it and Heavenly which do you prefer? Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting! xx