ProcrastiNails: HPB Presents: Needle Drag Poinsettia Nail Art

Needle Drag Poinsettia Nail Art with Zoya Nail Polish

This look didn’t turn out quite like I expected but I’ve decided to share it with you as my contribution for this month’s Hobby Polish Bloggers Linkup anyway. Two things I learned from this quasi-nail fail: trust your gut, and be selective with your colours! Argh. Haha.

Needle Drag Poinsettia Nail Art with Zoya Nail Polish

This entire look was done with Zoya shades – Zoya Charlotte, Pepper, Bar and Bevin. I applied a thick coat of my base and then added some blobs with my colours and while it was all still wet pulled the polish with a dotting tool to make the petals to my quasi-poinsettias. I dotted a little bit of glitter in the middle to give the impression of stamens and then covered it with a bit more of my red to soften the contrast.

Needle Drag Poinsettia Nail Art with Zoya Nail Polish

So my two main issues with this look are as follows:

1) The base colour I chose (Zoya Charlotte) is a kind of terrible eggnog yellow that dulls the whole look. I should have gone with white.

2) I should have followed my gut and left the glitter I put on for the poinsettia stamen (Zoya Bar) rather than trying to make the glitter more subtle by brushing on a bit more Pepper on top, because after I was left with a weird random peek-a-boo glitter situation. Hm.

In general I don’t hate this look, and hey it was my first attempt at a needle drag look so that’s pretty good! If I had energy I would re-create this design to correct the issues I have with it but ain’t nobody got time for that. Learn and move on!

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Let me know what you think! Happy holidays! xx