ProcrastiNails: Pink, Black and White Geometric Nail Art

Hello hello, and happy 2015! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. Did you make any resolutions for the year? I’m not a huge fan of resolutions so I don’t have anything planned, but in general I’d like to be more organized with regards to my blogging. We’ll see what form that ends up taking, but as of now there are no solid plans.

Anyway, enough catching up. Today I have a fun look to share with you that I doodled while I was swatching some of my Ciaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar polishes. Do you ever get the urge to just play around with polish on your nails, no real plan in mind? I don’t do it that often (and when I do 90% of the time it looks horrible when I’m done so I just take it off) but this was one of the times when I did and it worked out, so I decided to share.

The base for this look is Ciaté London Kiss Chase which is a soft, bright pink polish. I did my doodling with my Black and White Color Club Art Club Stripers, and then did some filling in with Sinful Colors Snow Me White (this was from before I took a break from using all Revlon owned products).

I added some black studs for detail and then sealed the whole thing with Essie Matte About You (because I always say everything is better in matte).

I love playing around with geometric prints like this. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t, but I think it’s always good to practice keeping a steady hand for your striping work.

Sometimes the combo of white, black and a bold colour can come out too garish or tacky but I think softening the whole look with the matte coat really pulled it together. In the future I think I’d like to do a whole design with the look on my ring finger. (Can anyone remind me what that kind of design called??)

That’s it for today, thanks for visiting! Let me know what you think!