ProcrastiNails: I’m attending the Spark Sessions 2014 Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference!

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I’ve been looking forward to the upcoming weekend for a couple of months now! Do you know why? Because this weekend is when I’ll be attending Spark Sessions’ 2nd Annual Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference in Toronto!

So what’s this conference all about, you wonder? I’m glad you asked! The Spark Sessions Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference is a two-day interactive event with sessions around topics like social media, legal issues, making a media kit and more! (Spark Sessions is an organization that runs a ton of interesting blogger workshops throughout the year, too. So I think of this as their annual crown jewel!)

In terms of networking and personalities that will be present, this year keynotes are going to be presented by Vanessa Craft from Elle Canada, Andrew Sardone from Globe Style and Cheryl Hickey from Entertainment Tonight Canada and there’s also going to be a Sponsor Fair and Speed Networking sessions with Sponsors and PR Reps.

Personally I’m not too big on networking or connecting with PR Reps (it definitely brings out some social anxiety for me) but I’m really looking forward to the educational sessions.

The agenda for the first day includes:

  • Laying Down the Law: Legal Issues Every Blogger Should Know
  • Digital Media: Where to be and How to Measure
  • Attracting and Managing Contributors or Business of Blogging: How to Turn Blogging into a Full Time Job (you get to choose one as both panels are run simultaneously)

And day two is going to cover:

  • It’s About Who You Know: Building Relationships with PR Professionals
  • Time for a Makeover: Important Steps for Rebranding Your Blog or Social Media Untapped: The Importance of Google+ and Pinterest (run simultaneously)
  • The A to Z of Media Kits
  • Ad Networks: What You Need to Know BEFORE You Sign on the Dotted Line or Step It Up – You’re A Blogger, What’s Next? (run simultaneously)

That’s a lot of information for two days! Isn’t it exciting? 🙂

Over the next handful of days I’ll be coming out with a variety of posts related to the conference – Friday I’m hoping to come out with a post about how I’m preparing for the conference, and then this weekend I’m hoping to provide daily reports on my experiences. This is the first offline blogging-related activity I’ve participated in so far, so I’m trying to make the most out of it!

I think tickets are sold out by now (though you could still get in touch with the Spark Sessions team to double check!) but if any of you are planning to attend let me know – I’d love to be able to meet you! 🙂

[You can find out more about Spark Sessions by visiting their website, twitter, instagram or facebook.]