ProcrastiNails: Swatch-It Sunday: China Glaze Texture Collection Bump & Grind

This post is also titled “How My Camera Hates Neons and Pinks aka These Swatches Were My Camera’s Nightmare.”

So IRL I love this colour. The polish is everything I want for a fun summer mani: bright and bold colour, some texture (though not as much as the Sally Hansen textures have) and full coverage after two coats. 🙂 Bump & Grind is the only colour I got from CG’s Texture Collection, but I’m thinking I’ll pick some more up now that I’ve tried this one.

Left is the original picture, with the colours as they came through in my camera.
Right is the picture after I adjusted the colourings in photoshop to make them accurate.

And here’s a fun comparison pic for you. I hate the idea of editing pictures to get the colours to come through, but it was necessary this time. As you can see, before the edits it looked like a COMPLETELY different colour. Even after the shade isn’t perfectly accurate (and it made my skin look like I have a weird alien sunburn – yikes!) but what can you do.

So there we go! How about you, any tips you use to make your neons come through in pics?

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