ProcrastiNails: Weirwood Tree Inspired Game of Thrones Mani

So this week we’re taking it away from sigil themed looks. I guess you could pretend there are tiny faces somewhere on these (there aren’t) and make them heart trees, too. These were fun to do even if they didn’t turn out as tidy as I imagined. Thoughts?

I normally like doing designs with crisp lines, like the sigil designs I’ve done so far. They look tidier to me, and I’m more comfortable doing them. I think that’s why I had so much trouble with this design at first. Once I had committed to the messy technique for creating the leaves though, I was good to go.

Lotsa colours in this one! I went through a few different options for the background before deciding on this dark black/green with shimmer, aka OPI’s Live and Let Die. The leaves are made up of a bunch of different reds, which I dabbed on one at a time. After two rounds of each of the reds I did a round of my base colour again to add some holes through the branches, before finishing up with a bit more red. I then added some texture lines to the trees with a light brown polish and a tiny brush.


This mani was based off of the trees (called weirwood trees) shown to us in the Winterfell godswood, as seen above. They are described in the Thrones wiki as being made of “white bark with five-pointed, blood-red leaves and sap.” The contrast of colours seemed like a beautiful combination to try.


(L to R) for leaves:
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Red Rock 
Joe Fresh Polish in Cinnamon
OPI’s Red Lights Ahead… Where?

(L to R)
OPI’s Live and Let Die (base)
OPI’s A-Taupe the Space Needle (detail on tree trunks)
And my ever-reliable French White Nail Tip Liner from Rimmel (trees)

More pics: