Nail Art // Strawberry Drip Nails with Born Pretty Store Guides

by - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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I sat down to do some Born Pretty Store reviews the other night and for whatever reason as soon as I saw these dripping nail guides I knew I had to use them to make strawberries. Why is that the first thing my mind thought of? No freaking clue haha. But it works!

This look started off with a base of Beyond the Nail Cosmic which has just a hint of holo, and then I drew on my strawberry seeds with my nail art brush and Ceramic Glaze Little Black Dress followed by Sally Hansen Fool's Gold.

When my base was fully dry I applied my guides and painted on my drippy leaves with MoYou London Fresh Basil.

Product as pictured on Born Pretty Store

As you can see these guides have a few different shapes: drips, hearts and the heart monitor zigzag thing. What I really like is that each guide has two different pieces that you can use, AND I found that you can easily re-use the same piece at least twice. So this sheet will last you a really long time!

I found these guides really easy to use, and if I didn't already have a number of dripping stamping images I'm sure I would get good use out of these guides! I'm excited to use the other shapes on the sheet though, and I really like that it has three different designs on the sheet. :)

These guides are currently on sale for $1.49, but even when they aren't on sale you can get them (or any other products!) at a discount with my code ASZW10 for 10% off!

Let me know what you think, and thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Really cute! Those nail guides seem to work pretty well too.

  2. brb, painted my nails into strawberries

  3. Adorable manicure! I also love the efficiency and reusability of the sheet!

  4. Vinyls hate me but they are so cool and fun looking.

  5. I love how you utilized these. I would have never thought about strawberries.

  6. This is so pretty! And I love the pink base!


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