ProcrastiNails: Review // Loose Tea Addict Subscription Box + Promo Code

Picture of the Loose Tea Addict Subscription Box delivery box

I have something different to share with you today! A couple months ago on instagram I won a giveaway for a free box from Loose Tea Addict, a monthly tea subscription box. Exciting! I love subscription boxes but I’ve never picked up any for tea so I was really looking forward receiving it. (I drink enough tea in an average day that I could consider it a separate food group!)

Want to see what was in the box? Check it out below and let me know what you think!

A card with the promo code SAVE15 for 15% off your first order

Every month this subscription box (or “tea club” which is hella cute in my opinion) sends you two 2 oz. packages of premium tea, along with some other fun tea-related things (snacks, steeping balls and honey are some of the extras I’ve seen when I looked into these boxes for this review).

Teas that came in my Loose Tea Addict Subscription Box

I was a bit disappointed at the not-so-exciting tea options I got, but they both taste really good and they’re both black teas that I generally drink a lot of so they will definitely get used up – one package of Organic Darjeeling and one package of Earl Grey. I like that they share the retail value with you as well.

Picture of the contents of my tea subscription box including two full sized teas, a steeping ball and a Madeleine cookie

And here’s the full package! My two full sized teas, a new steeping ball (much needed) and a yummy Madeleine cookie!

The full box costs $17-$19 a month (depending on if/how long you choose to pre-pay) so I think for what you get it’s a pretty decent value. Personally I think I’ll keep going to David’s Tea to choose my own teas when I need something new, but if you like being surprised with a monthly tea delivery then this might be a good box for you. 🙂

About the Loose Tea Addict Subscription Box: This box ships monthly to the US and Canada and costs either $19.99 a month, $18/month if you pre-pay for 3 months, or $17/month if you pre-pay for 6 months. Each month brings you two premium teas from around the world at 2 oz. each. Subscriptions are auto-renewal so if you want to cancel you have to call them to do it directly. Loose Tea Addict also runs a shop where you can re-purchase any teas they have featured.

If after checking this review out you’re interested in signing up you can use the code SAVE15 to get 15% off!