Swatch // ORLY Va Va Voom for The 30 Days of Colour

by - Monday, May 01, 2017

ORLY Va Va Voom Hot Pink Swatch

Happy May! The nice weather is here, my balcony is on it's way to being decked out for the season, and I'm in a good mood. The only thing I needed to make this past weekend perfect? NEON NAILS! So it worked out that our theme for The 30 Days of Colour Challenge this week was neon. :)

What's the name of this baby? You'll have to check under the cut to find out! (Or I guess you could just look at the post title... But checking under the cut is more fun!)

ORLY Va Va Voom Neon Pink Swatch

So the polish I'm featuring today is called Va Va Voom and from what I can tell it's one of the core colours from ORLY. It's a bright, glowing, hot pink creme. It's a true pink (not a coral-leaning pink) but my camera warped the colour a bit unfortunately. (The next picture below is the most colour accurate!)

I'm pretty sure I originally got it in a spring double pack at Winners, so if it's a shade you like get out there and take a look - I'm sure you could find it!

The application with this one was okay, but it was quite watery so I did end up accidentally flooding my cuticles a few times. I also used white undies so the colour could really pop. Without undies it would likely still have some visible nail line. I used three coats plus top coat for these swatches!

ORLY Va Va Voom Swatch
ORLY Va Va Voom Swatch

ORLY Va Va Voom Swatch

So that's it for today! I hope you had a fabulous day and that your weather is just as lovely as ours is in Toronto! :)

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. This looks so pretty on your nails, I love 'juicy' looking shades like this! :)

  2. Va Va Voom is the perfect name for this beautiful pink shade.

  3. My goodness! Such a perfect neon pink!

  4. Perfect neon pink! But too bad it's so watery... However, jelly sammich..? Pond manicures..? Lol ;)


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