Press Release // New MoYou London Frenchy Collection Plates

by - Saturday, May 06, 2017

As pictured on MoYou London

If ever there was a MoYou London Collection that I just wasn't feeling, it was the Frenchy Collection (based around designs for french tips). Well, these new releases just totally changed things for me, and now I have at least 4 plates in this collection that I NEED! Damnit!

I feel like breaking out of the traditional tip-shaped mould they usually go with for this collection was a great idea on the part of MoYou London, and I find myself personally drooling over plates 11, 12, 16 and 18! I need them in my life!

If you are interested you can pick up any of these plates on MoYou London's website, but keep an eye out on their social media channels too as they often have sales or free shipping promos running. :)

Do you feel you need to pick any of these up for yourself? Let me know!

Thanks for visiting! xx

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