Monday, 17 April 2017

Swatch // LynBDesigns Bauble from The 12 Days of Holo

LynB Designs Bauble from The 12 Days of Holo

Today I have a quick swatch to share with you from one of the (many) Advent Calendars I picked up at the end of last year. This one is from LynBDesigns' 12 Days of Holo Box which featured 12 LE shades that each featured (you guessed it) holo in one form or another.

I keep meaning to swatch the full box to share with you, but for now I have the polish from Day 1: Bauble!

LynB Designs Bauble from The 12 Days of Holo

Bauble is a sparkly sheer champagne shimmer with a hint of pink in the right light. It's also packed with scattered gold holo glitter for that extra holo-oomph!

It is a bit sheer but I don't mind as the polish is quite unique and adds just a hint of colour and sparkle to naked nails. This is three coats plus top coat, and I didn't have any issues with application. :)

LynB Designs Bauble from The 12 Days of Holo

Even though the holo in this one is a bit subtle you can see it in the right light and it just so happens that when the holo lights up that pink shimmer also shows up! So it's a fun polish to wear - I found myself moving my fingers around to see the polish dance! Haha.

Is this the type of shade you would wear with undies to really get full opacity? Or do you like the semi-sheer look? Let me know!

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  1. It would be fun to wear it with both and let the undies be a fairly thick-lined nail stamp. I'm going to have to do that now...

  2. This polish looks pretty awesome.


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