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by - Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My First Impressions of Kayla Ray Vinyls

When I can't figure out what to do on my nails I can always turn to vinyls! Or decals. Or stencils. I feel like everyone calls them different things! I usually call everything that is stuck on a nail like a sticker a vinyl, whether it stays on the nail or is painted over with polish and then peeled off. Is that just me? Am I being the vinyl-equivalent to the person who thinks an ombre and a gradient are the same thing? Enquiring minds want to know!

Anyway, whatever you consider them I have two designs from a new indie brand to share with you! The brand is Kayla Ray Vinyls and today I have both a leave-on decal vinyl and a peel-off stencil vinyl to share with you. :) Check under the cut for more pics and my review of both these products and the brand as a whole!

Holo Foil Unicorn Head Decals

Holo Foil Unicorn Head Decals from Kayla Ray Vinyls

First up are these gorgeous unicorn head decals in holo foil. I knew I had to pair them with the perfect holo mani, and when I think of holo my mind automatically goes to the Color Club Halo Hues. I paired them with a drag marble for a bit of extra something!

So let's talk about these decals. They peeled and applied really easily, and I have to say that I was shocked when I opened these pics to see how much it looks like the decal is sticking up at the edges - in real life you could barely tell there was a gap between decal and nail, and I had sealed it down with a thick layer of top coat as well.

These particular decals come to you in a sheet of 20 and are available in 20 different colours - since they are meant to stay on the nail (though you COULD use them as vinyl guides if you wanted) you'll want to choose a shade you think will pair well with your polish. Mine were in the holo foil colour, but they also have a holo glitter! They retail for $2 CAD per sheet of 20, and the two holo options are each $4 per sheet.

Color Club Halo Hues Drag Marble

Holo Foil Unicorn Head Decals from Kayla Ray Vinyls

Look at that rainbow of colour! Perfection!

Color Club Halo Hues Drag Marble

Color Club Halo Hues Drag Marble

Holo unicorn head nail art

Twisted Vine Nail Stencils

Twisted Vine Nail Stencils with Kayla Ray Vinyls

Next up we have this fun look featuring the twisted vine stencils! I think I'm getting the hang of the lingo - decals stay on the nail, stencils are used as a guide you peel off the nail? Is that it?

I was really worried about how these stencils would work since the lines were so fine and delicate, but as you can see there was nothing to be worried about! I started with a base of Fair Maiden Daredevil and then created some decals be covering the stencil with Ceramic Glaze French Riviera (swatched here), topping with top coat, drying, and then applying to the nail. I added a few blue studs as well for a bit of an accent, but the vinyls were the real stars of this look!

Since these stencils aren't meant to be left on the nail there isn't any colour selection - they all come in clear, and they're a very durable and flexible fabric! Each sheet comes with 12 stencils and they retail for $6 CAD per sheet.

Twisted Vine Nail Stencils with Kayla Ray Vinyls

Twisted Vine Nail Stencils with Kayla Ray Vinyls

Nail art with Fair Maiden Polish and Kayla Ray Vinyls

Bright summer nail art

My First Impressions 

Customer Service

I have to say I am super impressed with the customer service, especially from a new brand. :) A code was shared in one of the facebook groups I'm in (The Maple Lounge) for a discount for people to try out the brand, and the owner forgot to activate it for the first couple hours so as an apology she added a handful of extra vinyls to my order without me even saying anything. That's sweet of her, and will definitely make me a repeat customer!

Quality and Variety

There are a lot of options out there for vinyls these days, but I have to say that her shop has an awesome selection of all types of vinyls including seasonal designs and old favourites (fish scales, zigzags, honeycomb, cats, hearts, etc!). As I mentioned earlier I was especially impressed with the quality of the twisted vine stencils as they were a strong and flexible plastic vinyl that I haven't used before. The decals were also of great quality.

Price + Shipping

The price is VERY fair, especially as it's in CAD! I remember when I started a sheet of vinyls would be at least $5 US and makers were few and far between. The products at Kayla Ray Vinyls are between $2 and $6 and they also offer a number of value combo packs. Shipping was $1.20 CAD and came in a cute envelope with a business card.

Overall Thoughts 

Overall (if it isn't obvious) I am really impressed with this brand, and will definitely be ordering more in the future. Currently I have enough vinyls to last me ages so it will be a while, but one day there WILL be another order (or two or three)! So if you're looking to pick up some new designs or old favourites, definitely check these ones out. Especially if you like supporting Canadian indies!

Also I think I figured out this whole vinyl naming thing... Vinyls is the umbrella term, and stencils are things you paint over and peel of while decals are things you leave on the nail.. Did I get it? Do I pass the nail blogger quiz? :) Haha.

You can find Kayla Ray Vinyls on etsy and facebook, and you can also check out her IG account for pics and also (currently) a discount code for 15% off!

Have you tried Kayla Ray Vinyls before? What's your favourite vinyl design? Let me know!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Nice review on these nail vinyls. They look really good too.

  2. At first I was quite distracted by the wonderful marble.. but when I refocussed, looking at the vinyls, I think they look very good as well! I always find them more tricky then they look, but these look very well manageable, that's good :)

  3. I like the vinyl designs and it's really the only nail art I can do! I'll check these out

  4. Super cute, I love the unicorn heads!

  5. The manicure you did with the unicorn vinyl is absolutely beautiful!!

  6. I loooove the marble you did with the unicorn head decal!

  7. Wow I love both of these looks! I'm rubbish with vinyls


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