Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen REDOES Art: 1950's/60's Style Colour Overlapping

by - Friday, March 17, 2017

Two posts in one day, who am I?! Haha. I wanted to get up a green-themed post to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, but since it's also a DD week I knew I had to get up a post for our theme of 'Art' as well. I could have combined the two posts into one but what fun is that. ;)

So the art I was inspired by today was a pillow cushion I have in my living room I got from ikea last year. On the website they say the designers were "inspired by the design style of the 1950s and 60s" and the colours and overlapping of colour was what drew me both to the pillows and to recreating a version of this design on my nails.

When you see the above design of course your mind goes to one place: OPI Colour Paints and other such sheer coloured polishes. So that's what I went to for my shades. :)

My crisp white base was Essie White Page and then I freehanded overlapping shapes of colour with OPI Primarily Yellow, OPI Indigo Motif, Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat, and Essie Highest Bidder. When they were dry the whole thing was sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat which dried slightly satin-y.

Fun! This look was so simple, too!

When I sat down I expected to have to spend a lot of time making sure each block of colour was both opaque enough to not be streaky and also sheer enough to see the other overlapping colours through, but I actually didn't have to worry and each polish went on with zero issue. :)

Let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting! xx

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